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This page is a repository of resources available to the public. The Shock and Detonation Toolbox was completely updated in September 2018, see the link below for the latest versions. The links to the legacy versions that are still indexed on the web but are no longer available have been redirected to this page.

  • Glossary of Explosion terms.


  • Shock & Detonation Toolbox
  • Gas phase thermodynamic data for performing equilibrium calculations or supporting kinetics calculations.
  • Gas phase chemical kinetics mechanisms, rate constants and thermodynamics in Cantera format.
  • Image Processing for Cell Size Measurement Instructions and Programs

    Databases and data sheets

  • The Detonation Database

  • Some data on flammability and explosion limits including full pdfs of Bureau of Mines Reports.

  • Spreadsheets
    • Hydrocarbon fuel properties - enthalpy and vapor pressure (XLS)
    • Ideal gas properties (up to 4000 K) for selected combustion-relevant species (XLS)
    • Ideal gas properties (up to 20000 K) for selected species relevant to high-temperature air (XLSX)
    • Air thermal and transport properties. Equilibrium and frozen (1 atm, 200-10000 K) (XLSX)

  • Mechanism Validation Report (PDF) Shock tube data, mechanism validation tests, CJ and ZND computations for H2, C2H4, C3H8.
  • Induction time spreadsheet Shock tube induction time data base in Excel format. Or download as plain text:

  • Detonation Properties spreadsheet Computed detonation properties in Excel format. Or download as plain text:

    Tutorials and Presentations

  • (PPTX) "Detonation: Initiation, Propagation and Failure" - Slides from a talk at Purdue University, October 4. 2023.

  • (PDF) "Pushing the Boundaries: From Detonations to Auto-Injectors" - Slides from Midwest Mechanics Lecture Tour, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

  • (PDF) "Primary Packaging and Delivery Systems Interaction" - Slides from a lecture delivered at 10th Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies, Parenteral Drug Associations, Sept 26-27, Berlin, Germany.

  • (PDF) (PPTX) "Explosion Effects" - Slides for a tutorial lecture presented at The Fourth European Summer School on Hydrogen Safety Coralia Marina Viva, Corsica, France 7th -16th September 2009. The PDF (13Mb) has no animation but is a much shorter download than the PPTX (47 Mb).

  • (PDF) (PPTX) "Detonation in Gases" - Slides from plenary lecture, International Symposium on Combustion, 2008. The PDF (5Mb) has no animation but is a much shorter download than the PPTX (25 Mb).

  • Reports and special projects

  • Aviation Kerosene and the in-flight breakup of TWA Flight 800
  • OECD NEA/CSNI/R(2000)7 Report Flame Acceleration and Deflagration to Detonation Transition in Nuclear Safety
  • Crisis at Fukushima Daiichi Archive of 2011 talk videos, slides, web links for information on post March 11, 2011 events at F1 nuclear power plant.
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