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  • Faculty
    Prof. Joe Shepherd, C.L. "Kelly" Johnson Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering is head of the Explosion Dynamics Laboratories and also carries out projects in the hypervelocity (T5 shock tunnel) and supersonic flow (Ludwieg Tube) research facilities. Please direct your inquires about projects, publications, software, and other activities to him using his contact information

    Folks that I work with at Caltech:

    Joanna Austin, Professor of Aerospace, has the main responsibility for T5 and projects on hypervelocity flow in both T5, the Ludwieg tube and the expansion tunnel.

    Hans Hornung, C.L. "Kelly" Johnson Professor of Aeronautics, Emeritus, carries out research and helps supervise activities at Caltech in T5 and the Ludwieg tube.

  • Engineering Staff
    Bahram Valiferdowsi

  • Administrative Assistant for the Research Group
    Barbara McKinzie Slater

  • Post-doctoral Scholar
    Yunliang Qi

  • Graduate Students
    Silken Jones
    Conor Martin

  • Visitors
    Bohoon Kim

  • Alumni and Previous Visitors.
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