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Explosion Dynamics Laboratory

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Explosion dynamics is the study of combustion, fluid mechanics, and fuel chemistry associated with rapid combustion and shock waves in combustible gases. The motivations and funding for our studies include evaluation of explosion hazards in industrial processes, transportation systems, and nuclear facilities; and investigation of accidental explosions; novel propulsion systems; explosive and fuel manufacturing, and basic science of explosives and explosions.

Experimental, analytical, and numerical studies have been carried out on a number of subjects. Current and part research topics include detonation, deflagration-to-detonation transition, ignition and propagation of flames, fuel properties and flammability, application of detailed chemical kinetics to combustion modeling, shock tube and flow reactor measurements of reactions, blast waves from explosions, initiation of detonation by projectiles and shock focusing, response of structures to explosions and shock waves, including elastic waves, plastic deformation, and fracture.

A variety of facilities are available for the experimental study of explosions.
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