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Detonation Database

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My apologies, the database is old and tired. After migrating the software to various platforms over the last two decades, the search engine is broken! Please access the data using the links to Summary Graphs, Individual Data Sets and the References. JES 4-15-2017
Cell Size
Critical Energy
Critical Diameter
Minimum Diameter
Output Format:
Long (verbose)
List Data Sets
List Summary Graphs

You can select or enter information in the Category, Subcategory, Fuel, Oxidizer, Diluent, Author, or Year fields. For possible Category - Subcategory combinations, see the section on categories. Leaving a field blank will omit it from the search parameters. The search engine will satisfy all used fields. However, within each field, a perfect match is not necessary to satisfy the search; the search text must only appear within that database field.

The format of the returned output is controlled by the check boxes under Output Format. Checking Long (verbose) will cause the report to give more details about the matched data sets. The default only lists the reference and provides a link to the raw data. By default, all data sets and plots in the database are listed, but the search can be limited to only data sets or only plots by un-checking the List Data Sets or List Summary Graphs check boxes.

Checking the Case Sensitive boxes will force case to be matched for the appropriate fields. The default is for the search to be case insensitive.

Click on the Search Database button to commence the search.

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