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Detonation Database


In situations where this is not specific enough, notes are attached to each data set to describe its individual nature. The formal categories and subcategories we are using (or hope to use) are as follows:
  1. Cell Size
    1. Width
    2. Length
  2. Critical Tube
    1. Round
    2. Square
    3. Other
  3. Critical Energy
    1. Spherical, High Explosive
    2. Cylindrical, High Explosive
    3. Spherical, Exploding Wire
    4. Cylindrical, Exploding Wire
    5. Planar
    6. Other
  4. Minimum Tube
    1. Round, Confined
    2. Square, Confined
    3. Other, Confined
    4. Unconfined
  5. DDT (not implemented)
    1. Round, Obstructed Tube
    2. Square, Obstructed Tube
    3. Obstructed Channel
    4. Hot Jet Injection
    5. Accelerated Flame
  6. Projectile Initiated Detonations (not implemented)

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