The Detonation Database is a source of selected experimental data about gas phase detonations. The data sources cover the time frame of 1962-2004 - we have not attempted to keep the database current but if there is sufficient interest from volunteers, they could add new data sets and plots.

Accessing the Database

Classic interface to the Detonation Database. The classical interface provides download access to a print-on-paper pdf version of complete database, as well as underlying text data files and postscript versions of the plots. Fully searchable.


The database software is old and tired. After migrating the to various platforms over the last two decades, the search engine is broken! Please access the data using the links to Summary Graphs, Individual Data Sets and the References. JES 4-15-2017

Information on Detonations and Explosions

If you are interested in computational and other aspects of gaseous detonations or explosions, you may find the following resources from our laboratory of interest.

30 Dec 2010 Joe Shepherd