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Detonation Database

How it Works

In raw form, the database consists of a collection of data files, three tables describing the contents of the data files and the links between the three branches of the database, and a collection of scripts for building the processed document. Also, the textual portion of the document exists as LaTeX  files on the Unix platform. The data files are created by digitizing the original references and are stored in semi-formatted form on our Unix cluster. The raw linking tables are stored and edited as Microsoft Excel files on a PC. The linking tables are uploaded to the Unix cluster and the rest of the build process is automated by make and a series of perl scripts.

Since the full build process involves generating a series of LaTeX  files, plotting the summary graphs from the data sets, processing the plots into two different forms, formatting the data sets, running LaTeX, and generating the HTML files, make saves considerable time by omitting tasks that are not required.

The figure below shows the procedure used to generate this database following additions or modifications.

For the reference of those who will add data (or make corrections) to the database, an instructions file has been prepared.

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