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Cell width vs equivalence ratio; H2-air, C2H2-air, C2H4-air, C2H6-air,C3H8-air, C4H10-air, CH4-air

Postscript Version

H2-Air1.txt Guirao (1982) [48] Fuel=H2

js13c.txt Knystautas (1984) [54] Fuel=C2H2

at13b.txt Knystautas (1984) [54] Fuel=C2H4

at13d.txt Knystautas (1984) [54] Fuel=C2H6

at13e.txt Knystautas (1984) [54] Fuel=C3H8

at13f.txt Knystautas (1984) [54] Fuel=C4H10

at13a.txt Knystautas (1984) [54] Fuel=CH4

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