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Book chapters

  • 1 (PDF) N. P. Bitter and J.E. Shepherd.
    Dynamic buckling and fluid-structure interaction of submerged tubular structures.
    In A. Shukla, Y. D. S. Rajapakse, and M. E. Hynes, editors, Blast Mitigation: Experimental and Numerical Studies, pages 189-227. Springer, 2014.
    (Preprint, see book (ISBN 978-1-4614-7266-7) for final version. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4614-7267-4_7).
  • 2 (PDF) F. Pintgen, J. M. Austin, and J. E. Shepherd.
    Detonation front structure: Variety and characterization.
    In G.D. Roy, S.M. Frolov, R.J. Santoro, and S.A. Tsyganov, editors, Confined Detonations and Pulse Detonation Engines, pages 105-116. Torus Press, Moscow, 2003.
  • 3 (PDF) F. Pintgen and J. E. Shepherd.
    Quantitative analysis of reaction front geometry in detonation.
    In G.D. Roy, A.A. Berlin, S.M. Frolov, J.E. Shepherd, and S.A. Tsyganov, editors, International colloquium on application of detonation for propulsion, pages 23-28. Torus Press, Moscow, 2004.
    Full paper (to appear in proceedings).
  • 4 (PDF) J.E. Shepherd.
    Detonation waves and propulsion.
    In J. Buckmaster, T.L. Jackson, and A. Kumar, editors, Combustion in High-Speed Flows, pages 373-420. Kluwer, 1994.
  • 5 (PDF) J.E. Shepherd and K. Inaba.
    Shock loading and failure of fluid-filled tubular structures.
    In A. Shukla, G. Ravichandran, and Y. Rajapakse, editors, Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures, pages 153-190. Springer, 2010.
    preprint - corrected March 2010.
  • 6 (PDF) J.E. Shepherd and J. H. S. Lee.
    On the transition from deflagration to detonation.
    In M. Y. Hussaini, A. Kumar, and R. G. Voigt, editors, Major Research Topics in Combustion, ICASE/NASA LaRC Series, pages 439-487. Springer, 1992.

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