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Gas Phase Chemical Kinetics Software

Cantera is an open source (free!) software package (programs, scripts and subroutines) developed by Dave Goodwin of Caltech. Cantera can be used with C++, Python, FORTRAN and Matlab and is available for downloading through Source Forge The distribution contains, in addition to the subroutine and script libraries, a number of programs for modeling various combustion processes such a laminar flames, constant volume and pressure explosions, stirred reactors, and different equilibrium situations. It has a very nice graphical interface for computing simple equilibrium situations and displaying reaction path diagrams. Cantera can use a variety of mechanism formats and thermodynamic data representations, including the older CHEMKIN and NASA styles.

Information about installing and using Cantera with Matlab is given on our Shock and Detonation Toolbox pages.

A commercial software package for modeling gas phase kinetics is CHEMKIN ®. Information on the official distribution and pricing can be obtained from Reaction Design