Shock & Detonation Toolbox - DEMOS - Windows/Matlab

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The following pages contain demonstrations of the capabilities of the toolbox. Examples 1-5 demonstrate the usage of single functions while examples 6-9 demonstrate more advanced tasks.
  1. CJ Calculations
  2. Post-Shock State Calculations for a User Specified Shock Speed
  3. Post-Reflected-Shock State a User Specified Incident Shock Speed
  4. Constant Volume Explosion Calculations
  5. ZND Detonation Structure Calculations - Initial Conditions: Shock Heated Mixture
  6. Rayleigh Line and Reactant & Product Hugoniots for a Given Shock Speed (demo_RH)

  7. Equilvalence Ratio Series (demo_EquivalenceRatioSeries)

  8. Pressure Series (demo_PressureSeries)

  9. Overdrive Series (demo_OverdriveSeries)

All of the above demo files can be downloaded in a single ZIP file.
An additional collection of advanced demos including those used in the documentation (FM2006.006,FM2006.007) can be downloaded in a single ZIP file.