CTI Files - Windows

The chemistry data including reaction rate constants, thermodynamic data, and transport data used in Cantera is formated in the cti style. The *.cti files that are included with the Cantera installation can be found at
Program Files/Common Files/Cantera/data/
When adding new cti files, it is most convenient to save them to this directory so that Cantera can find the data easily.

Generating new CTI Files

Visit the Cantera Sourceforge project, download the cantera documentation, and refer to

Converting Legacy files to CTI format - Windows

The Cantera installation includes an executable (ck2cti.exe) to convert the standard CHEMKIN format to the cti format. CHEMKIN requires three files of chemistry data: an input file, a thermo data file, and a transport data file. Many computations can be run without the transport data, so ck2cti allows for the transport data to be excluded.

Follow the instructions below to run ck2cti.exe and create additional cti files
  1. Save the input file and thermo data file to
  2. Optional: Save the transport data file to
  3. Open a command prompt (Start>Run - type 'cmd' in the Run window)
  4. Change directories to
  5. Run ck2cti This will create a cti file with the same name as the input file.
  6. Move
    C:/Program Files/Common Files/Cantera/data/
Included below are sample input and output files for CH2(S) not including transport data. The output file was generated by the procedure outlined above. The header of the input file contains formatting instructions. Formatting details for the thermo and transport input files are discussed in the CHEMKIN manual (Kee et al.). Cantera does not currently support the "new" CHEMKIN format.