Shock & Detonation Toolbox - DEMOS - Windows/Python

  1. Right click on python file (.py)
  2. Left click on "Edit with Idle", two windows a Shell for output and the editing window behind it will appear
  3. In the Window enter "F5" (shortcut for selecting at the top: Run > RunModule), look for the output in the other window
  4. See the installation instructions slide #9 for (additional guidance)
For more details about a particular function use
For example, in a python shell type:
from SDToolbox import *
The following pages contain demonstrations of the capabilities of the toolbox. Examples 1-4 demonstrate the usage of single functions while example 5 demonstrates a more advanced task. ZND detonation structure calculations are currently only available in Window with Matlab Demo #5 or for Linux.
  1. CJ Calculations
  2. Post-Shock State Calculations for a User Specified Shock Speed
  3. Post-Reflected-Shock Calculations for a User Specified Shock Speed
  4. Constant Volume Explosion Calculations
  5. Rayleigh Line and Reactant & Prodcut Hugoniots for a Given Shock Speed (demo_RH)
All of the demo files can be downloaded in a single ZIP file.