ZND Detonation - Linux/C++/Python

Intitial Conditions: Shock Heated Mixture
(CJ Speed)
All Species Data in Output File

No Species Data in Output File option discussed in 'znd.py'

In this example script the gas and its properties are initialized, an input file is written and the "znd" C++ program is used to create output files. These output files are then read by the python script and arrays are formed for all the output variables, which can be used for further calcuations with python.

Input Data
Mixture Stoichiometric H2/O2
Mechanism h2air_highT.cti
Initial Pressure 1 bar = 100000 Pa
Initial Temperature 300 K
Shock Speed CJ Speed (calculated in script)
Species Requested for Output Data File All (Read script "znd.py" for how to specify No Species)
Output Printing Frequency 3 (every 3rd time step)
Output Filename zndpy
Output Data
Output files: 1, 2 , 3