Shock & Detonation Toolbox - Linux Installation

There are two major components to this installation: Install Cantera and Install SciPy.

Cantera Installation - Linux

  1. First Python 2.4 and the Numeric/numpy package must be installed. If they are not installed in /usr/bin they must have their paths set or sourced from your .bashrc file before installing Cantera.
  2. Installation Instructions: Install the Cantera Libraries developed by Goodwin (
  3. Read for a list of the available functions in Cantera for Python
  4. To test Cantera functionality
    1. Open a python interpreter by typing
    2. Import the Cantera module
      from Cantera import *
    3. Create a gas object
      gas = importPhase('h2o2.cti')
    4. print the gas object
    The terminal should look like the screen shot below

    NOTE: If there is an error, check
    for h2o2.cti. If it does not exist, try a different cti file in that directory, i.e. gri30.cti, in place of h2o2.cti.

  5. Create a site-package folder for the shock & detonation toolbox in your python directory
    (i.e. lib/python2.4/site-packages/SDToolbox/)
  6. SDToolbox.tar: Add the modules to this toolbox
  7. demos.tar: Save the demo files to a location where you plan to store the output files

    For more information about these files visit the demos page

SciPy Installation - Linux

  1. Download SciPy tarball and unpack
  2. Follow the INSTALL.txt to install Numeric, LAPACK, ATLAS, scipy_distutils, & F2PY in this given order. NOTE: Numeric should already be installed if you installed Cantera first.
  3. Install SciPy according to INSTALL.txt